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KEIZOmachine!のソロプロジェクト第2弾。VERBALさん (m-flo) とのコラボレーション。

インタビューはこちらから >

お好みのフォーマットで聴くことができます >

The second solo project of KEIZO machine! Collaboration with VERBAL (m-flo). Interviews here > You can listen to your favorite format >


Produced by KEIZOmachine!

Song by VERBAL

Mix & Mastering by URBAN @ Potato Studio

Artwork illustragion & design by SORBONNE SENSEI a.k.a JUICY (HIFANA)

Directed by Yuya Ozawa (GROUNDRIDDIM)

Music Video Directed by Naoshi Okamura & Kaho Fujiyoshi & Digital Hollywood University [DHU] Students





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